We are happy to answer any questions regarding materials used in our products. Materials may include gold, silver, brass, glass, ceramic, pearl, shell, and more.

Please reach out to if you have questions about materials - we will do our best to help. We also may be able to create custom pieces to meet strict specifications - let us know!


We do our best to provide transparency into materials, but because we do not manufacture metals, there is always potential for trace amounts of nickel, brass, copper, iron, or other materials in gold or silver jewelry.

For earrings in our collection, only those with sterling silver or gold-filled earring wire (the part that touches your skin) are considered "hypoallergenic." If the earring wire is gold-plated or silver-plated, it is not broadly considered "hypoallergenic" jewelry.

For all other jewelry in our shop (necklaces, bracelets, etc.), if more than 50% of the item is made from gold filled or sterling silver, we consider this "hypoallergenic." Sensitive skin may still react with from gold-plated or silver-plated clasps, jump rings, or wire elements even if an item is marked "hypoallergenic."


Many people have allergic reactions to nickel, and the European Union has strict rules regarding the level of nickel content in jewelry. While some metals do not have nickel intentionally added, there is a possibility there may be small amounts of nickel present as a trace element. This is the best information I have from manufacturers; please note there may be exceptions, particularly with vintage or recycled materials.

Yellow gold-filled - usually no nickel added
Sterling silver - usually no nickel added
Yellow gold-plated (typically over brass or copper) - usually no nickel added
Silver-plated (typically over brass) - usually no nickel added


Gold fill rarely tarnishes. If exposed to sulfides or certain chemicals, it can darken. Gold plated metal is more likely to tarnish over time. We recommend removing jewelry while washing, swimming, exercising, etc to lengthen the life of your piece.

Sterling silver normally tarnishes when exposed to salty air, chlorine, sulfur, humidity, perspiration, cosmetics, household bleach and other strong chemicals. You can find over the counter tarnish removers online. 


Ceramics may be water-based; though we varnish each piece of sculpture with a water resistant coating for durability, exposure to liquids or extreme humidity may degrade the quality of your piece.

Most ceramics we use are slightly flexible to remain intact with daily wear. However, accidental bumps can cause cracks.

Pearl Authenticity

Authentic pearls are supplied by various small-to-large wholesalers in a variety of grades (generally from C to AAA) which describe luster and overall "beauty." Check the materials on the product page to confirm if an item contains authentic pearls vs. pearl beads (glass).