We’re a one-woman business and, therefore, are reliant on suppliers to uphold ethical business practices. We do our best to research, validate, and execute partnerships with suppliers that we believe are making ethical sourcing decisions, whether concerning environment or labor. All materials have an impact on someone’s life, somewhere.

Here are some of the areas we are able to make (limited) sustainable choices:


One of our main suppliers sources gold from refiners on the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) list, meaning the refiners are in good legal standing and certify and independently audit that all supplies are traceable and conflict-free. LBMA standards do not provide traceability to the originating mine.

Another major supplier travels frequently to meet with current and new vendors, touring facilities, observing and learning about processes, and meeting the employees.


We do not source ivory, coral, or other animal materials that threatened endangered species.

We assume all gemstones are conflict-free in accordance with supplier claims.

Corporate Certification

One of our main suppliers is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council which requires a “demonstrated commitment to ethical sourcing which encompasses a wide range of issues including environmental, social, financial and regulatory issues.”

While we continue to investigate sourcing and fair trade practices of pearls and gemstones, we acknowledge that the current international jewelry industry has insufficient data on sustainability practices. We will strive to provide transparency when we do have it and will continue to make the best possible decisions on behalf of our planet.